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Honest and Reliable

I just had a reading with Andrea and all I can say is WOW! I was really blown away with the messages she gave me. It all resonated and almost brought me to tears many times. Also, she was so kind and thoughtful. She had really great energy and I would highly recommend her services.


Distance intuitive Reading

Had the most refreshing, and relaxing reiki and Indian Head Massage. The massage included chest, back, head and arms. I would highly recommend her!


Reiki & Indian Head Massage

During a super stressful time for my family your connection and energy and positive spirit is truly amazing. Thank you for taking the time for my family.


Distance Reiki

Words and pictures do not do justice with the space and service Andrea provides. It’s a beautiful journey. I was craving and wanting a space to be completely relaxed, unwind and to just be, and Soul Good Healing was just that. Andrea provides such an amazing massage infused with calm, loving energy healing that gave me exactly what I was needing! I highly highly recommend Soul Good Healing!! 


Indian Head Massage

I was am still in "Awe" of the topics we covered and how relevant/ prevalent everything that came up was . You really were meant to do this!

You offered such a safe and beautiful space that talking about what I consider some of my most vulnerable, you made comfortable and easy. After our session I felt lighter.

I wish I could bottle up that feeling and keep it forever. Thank you for an incredible experience.


Indian Head massage & Reiki

Andrea Is PURE MAGIC in all forms. She's kind, courteous, and extremely gifted. Her space matches her lovely personality! I had my 3rd ever Reiki session with her and felt at one point like i was levitating. The Indian Head Massage is a MUST! She also shared messages from spirit that were on point for me and affirmed some of what I was experiencing during the session as well. I recommend her to anyone that will listen!


Indian Head massage & Reiki

You reduce the pain in my thoracic and shoulder. It was excruciating before the appointment!!!

My muscles were numb, but the facia and bones ached like you can't believe and had limited mobility, BUT after the session with you, I feel way better!!

Thank You!!!


Indian Head Massage & Reiki

The minute I entered your space, it felt so inviting. I immediately felt a sense of calm and relaxation come over me. I also really appreciate you making the experience so comfortable by explaining everything in detail and being so courteous.

As someone who has tried many forms of therapy but never explored energy healing. I was blown away by the effects. I have no words other than to say that I have so much more clarity and truly feel more balanced spiritually, physically and emotionally, and mentally. I am grateful to have experienced this for my overall well-being.

Also, the Indian head massage was absolutely incredible and the oil blend you customized for my scalp and hair did wonders! From start to finished I can truly see all the efforts you put in for your clients.

I now understand why everyone has recommended you. I haven't shut up about your services. Thanks again and see you soon!


Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Thank you for a great session! Definitely feeling a release of emotions. Cannot wait to rebook! Your notes are SO good. Will be reading them over and over again.



I feel amazing and look forward to meeting again!! You made my experience welcoming, relaxing and rejuvenating!! My sleep last night was amazing! Look forward to putting everything into play!!

- Sue

Head Massage & Reiki

An Hour and a half session of reiki healing, and Indian head and neck massage will honestly leave you feeling so refreshed.

You need this!

I feel so cared for. Andrea is very warm and welcoming.

-Andrea, Balance Bliss Blog

Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Andrea is such a caring & gentle person who puts you completely at ease when meeting her. I always feel so relaxed. It’s truly a beautiful and tranquil setting around you and the session is delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room. I know that when I am in a session with her, I let go of my anxiety, fear and tension I may be feeling at that time. I always leave a session feeling at peace. She has such a gift to know exactly how I am feeling both physically and emotionally. For anyone who is needing some inner healing, go & have a session with Andrea, you won’t regret it. I highly recommend her.

- A.I

Head Massage & Reiki

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